About Us

Centric Law is not a new firm, but a firm that has been around for a number of years that has recently changed its name. Why the change in name? For a number of reasons, but the main one being that we wanted the firms name to represent how we do business. We are a Client Centric firm and follow a Client Centric approach. Client Centric is defined as :

"...A specific approach to doing business that focuses on the customer. Client centric businesses ensure that the customer is at the center of a business's philosophy, operations or ideas. These businesses believe that their clients are the only reason that they exist and use every means at their disposal to keep the client happy and satisfied..."


Hence our name Centric Law.

Our focus, is our client. Our approach is to ensure that our clients are the centre of our business and our clients are the reason we exist and we endeavour to use every means at our disposal to ensure that our clients are happy and satisfied with our service.

We pride ourselves on service to our clients. We are building long term positive relationships with our clients by exceeding their needs and expectations.

Our firm has clients that have been with us for many years, and who keep coming back as they know that we will always keep their best interests in mind and we always provide value for money.

We have not aggressively advertised as our, many and varied, client are our best advertisers. Our clients recommend us time and time again. However, with our new name, our new location and encouragement and support from our clients, we want you to know about us and give us a try.

We are tired of hearing about the poor service clients have received in the past from others.

Our philosophy is simple, provide our clients with the best service possible, with a fixed price, where possible, and they will continue to come back.

We may help you change your opinion about lawyers!

Our Team

Klaudija Tsin - Legal Practice Director (B.Ed LLB GDLP Hons)